Quality Grapevines

Stanmore Farm is a nursery committed to providing premium quality, certified, grafted grapevines.

We provide some of the best quality vines in New Zealand.

We have many years’ experience in vineyard development & establishment.

Check out our certified vines available for purchase now.

Top Quality

Our vines have big, healthy root systems, strong top growth and a fully callused graft union. They are grown in a phylloxera-free nursery.

Superior Service

Our team is one of the most experienced in New Zealand and hands-on in our isolated, disease-free nursery and out in your vineyards.

Vine Certification

Stanmore Farm produces certified vines under the New Zealand Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard (NZWGGS).

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If you are looking to buy young, healthy, grafted grapevines for your vineyard, contact us below.