Stanmore Farm has implemented a Quality Management System to ensure that our premium quality grapevines live up to their reputation.

We are also certified to the NZ Winegrowers Grafted Grapevine Standard, according to the four pillars of Traceability, Trackability, Virus Testing and Physical Specifications.

Our standard operating procedures cover all aspects of our business, and include:

True to type

Scion and rootstock are selected from known source blocks with traceable history. Source blocks have been mapped by an ampelographer.

Virus testing regime

All budwood and rootstock blocks are ELISA tested for virus status. The testing regime, along with our phylloxera-free nursery utilising sustainable management practices, ensures the highest possible health status of grapevines.


The origin and health status of individual vines is recorded and available throughout every process in our system.

Physical properties

Only one premium-quality grade of vines is produced. System specifications have been developed with rigorous quality control for the highest physical specifications and grading standards. These ensure that all grafted vines meet our premium quality grade.