GRAD Malegue 44-53

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Are you looking for rootstocks that have high quality, high health, grow in dry soil and drought resistant cool-climate-adapted rootstocks?
Source and origin:
  • Originates from a major vine collection at Pont de la May in France and came to New Zealand via the United States.
Qualitative observations:
  • (V. riparia x (V. cordifolia x V. rupestris)
  • PCR tested free of detectable viruses
  • Drought resistant cool climate adapted rootstock
  • Earliest riper stock that is comparable as the growing cycle as Riparia Gloire when it is grafted with early-ripening varieties.
  • As drought resistant and low in irrigation demand as 110 Richter.
  • Gives you the ability to control vigour by limiting root available water.
  • The cuttings of 44-53 root and graft extremely well
  • Tolerates up to 10% percent active lime in the soil, and often suffers from magnesium deficiency.
  • Tolerant of high sodium soils
How to ensure adequate root development?
  • Plant in soil that has been ripped (or augured for each vine, on hillsides) to at least 1 metre depth;
  • Ideally, medium to deep loose (or broken up) free draining stony or stone & clay/ silt soils, neither too acidic nor too alkaline, suit this stock ‘down to the ground.’
  • Very effective at extracting water in drying soils and drought conditions (‘wringing out the last drops’)
  • Once established this rootstock can be irrigated much less and relied on far more to keep vines going in the dry.
For use: Especially in the Gimblett Gravels, Marlborough, North Canterbury, Nelson’s Richmond Plains and Central Otago are regions that should re-think which type of rootstock can be used for optimum growing results.
Exclusively available through Stanmore Farm:
  • Phone 0800 782 666
  • Strict and comprehensive non-propagation contract must be signed off as part of your purchase order