GRAD Milardet 106-8

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Are you looking for rootstocks that have high quality, high health, grow in dry soil and drought resistant cool-climate-adapted rootstocks?
Source and Origin:
  • Original material was imported from Australia.
Qualitative observations:
  • Highlighted as one of the top 15 in these trials out of nearly 200 rootstocks in California.
  • Low-medium vigour with advancing of ripening in cool climate adapted and high health well documented, as well as it’s reliable and robustness.
  • Loose or compact dry stony soils
  • Pushing its roots down deeper to find water from low sub-soil levels in drought conditions
  • Phylloxera resistance is high
  • Relative scion vigour is moderate
  • The cuttings of 106-8 Mgt root and graft well.
  • Highly resistant to phylloxera, but very sensitive to lime-induced chlorosis.
  • Use in non-calcareous siliceous-clay soils whose surface hardens and dries out quickly after heavy winter rains
  • Best for stiff, dry, shallow soils or stony soils which are poor in lime.
  • Tolerant of high sodium soils
  • Deep intensive root development
For use: Especially in the Gimblett Gravels, Marlborough, North Canterbury, Nelson’s Richmond Plains and Central Otago are regions that should re-think which type of rootstock can be used for optimum growing results.
Exclusively available through Stanmore Farm:
  • Phone 0800 782 666
  • Strict and comprehensive non-propagation contract must be signed off as partof your purchase order