New Varieties

Drought tolerant rootstocks
Stanmore Farm is the exclusive propagator of two newly released rootstocks from Grapevine Research and Development in North Canterbury.

GRAD® Malegue 44-53 and GRAD® Millardet 106-8 are both

  • drought tolerant
  • tolerant of high sodium soils
  • cool climate adapted
  • high quality
  • high health


*See PDF for an article written about the field performance of these two stocks over there first two seasons.

GRAD® Malegue 44-53 is

  • an early ripening stock (comparable with the growth cycle of Riparia Gloire when grafted with early varieties)
  • as drought tolerant and low in irrigation demand as 110 Richter, thereby giving growers the ability to control vigour by limiting root available water
  • tolerant of up to 10% active lime in the soil
  • ideal for stony soils

GRAD® Millardet 106-8

  • highlighted as one of the top 15 stocks in rootstock trials in California (out of 200)
  • low- moderate vigour
  • sensitive to lime induced chlorosis
  • use in non–calcareous siliceous-clay soils whose surface hardens and dries out quickly after heavy winter rains
  • best for stiff shallow soils or stony soils which are poor in lime

New clonal material available – contact us for more information
We grow much of our own budwood here at the farm. It is all grown in accordance with NZW GGS guidelines. Besides all the commonly grown Pinot noir clones such as UCD5,777,667,115 and Abel, as well as Sauvignon blanc MS, and Pinot Gris 7A, 40A, Berrysmith, Sel ovaille and 2-15, Chardonnay UCD15 and B95, we also have the following (and more) newer material.

Contact us for further information.

Cabernet Sauvignon GRAD® clones
Chardonnay R80
Chardonnay P107
Muscat of Alexandria
Pinot Gris 52B
Pinot Noir R97
Riesling GRAD ®1
Semillon – GRAD® Heritage clone
Sauvignon Gris
St Laurent
Syrah GRAD® clones 1-9
Viognier GRAD® clones