Our Grapevines

We know how important it is to use the best possible planting material to ensure premium wine quality, so we use the latest technology available in vine production. Here are four major reasons why you should source your grapevines from Stanmore Farm.


Superior Quality

Our vines stand out because they have big, healthy root systems, strong top growth and excellent fully callused graft unions. The quality control system used at lifting is rigorous and ensures only premium vines are produced.


High Health

All Stanmore Farm vines have been grown in a phylloxera-free nursery that incorporates sustainable management practices. They are inoculated with Trichoderma to enhance pathogenic fungal resistance and improve growth. Budwood is audited. We provide ELISA tested NZWGGS certified vines.


Vine Certification

Our nursery has implemented a grapevine quality management programme. Our commitment to providing premium quality and high-health grapevines, is reflected in our documented system. We provide certified vines under the NZWGGS.


Advice & After-Sales Service

Stanmore Farm is committed to ensuring the best possible start for your vineyard. Kate understands and consults in growing quality grapes for premium table wine.